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  1. Foreman 450
    I have a 2002-2004 Honda foreman 4x4 not 100% sure of the year because the sticker is gone on it. The problem I’m having is an electrical issue, it starts and runs with the pull rope and by jumping the solenoid but has no lights or anything with the key and doesn’t work with the start button...
  2. New Member Intros
    2007 Rincon 680. I installed a winch. The winch worked right away after turning the ignition. The next day I try to start it and the lights come on and the dash lights up with no display. I have no power to anything except the lights I checked the fuses (under the seat) they are good. I even...
  3. Foreman 500
    I was putting a new battery in my 500 and as soon as I had both terminals connected, the fan powered on. The motor had not been running so it was not hot. The key was turned off, so there shouldn’t be any power getting through to the fan, yet the fan came on. When I turned on the key, nothing...
1-3 of 3 Results