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  1. EPS Problem : Error 24

    Rubicon 500
    Yet another individual with shifting problems lol! (2015 rubicon 500) The bike won't shift into any gear , I don't hear anything trying to engage either. I have the error code 24 blinking; pointing me into the direction of the shift motor. Motor seems fine, cleaned the brushes etc.. havnt jumped...
  2. Shift into first gear at 90kmh

    Honda Rincon
    Was on a nice open trail and it through itself into first gear while I was doing 90+kmh . Almost went off the trail.. battery died and engine revved like never befor and there was no voltage for the bike at first I thought it was seized in the piston Broke .. first gear cuts out at 44 and 74 in...
  3. Foreman 450es smothering itself when full throttle applied

    Foreman 450
    Hi all, I’m new to the forum so sorry for any errors, I have a 1998 Honda foreman 450. When the engine heats up and I apply full throttle it sometimes smothers itself only giving me 1/2 power. Sometimes if I let off the throttle it will come back right straight away. Sometimes it completely...
  4. Honda Rancher 420TM rebuild gear indicator problem

    Honda Rancher 350, 400 & 420
    So I started and finished a transmission rebuild. I got the engine put back in and everything works fine. The only problem I have is that the neutral light shows between 3rd and 4th. The reverse light shows between 2nd and 3rd. Do I need to take the rear casing off to fix this problem or is...
  5. Starter button does not work!

    Foreman 500
    Hey guys so i picked up a bike and the start button does not engage at all. No click or anything.... i can cross the solenoid and get it to start fine so i wasn’t sure what the issue was. I replaced the battery, starter, put a brand new solenoid in and even took apart the bar controls to blow...
  6. 2013 honda fourtrax 420 wiring harness

    My bike recently caught a fire. Most of the cosmetic damage was the back plastics. However the wiring harness suffered severe damage. She is manual shift with power steering. So I'm wondering if anyone on here knows for a scrapped bike. Thanks.