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  1. Late 90's? model Foreman 450 manual shift

    Foreman 450
    Recently helped my stepbrother get an old (late 90's?Honda Foreman 450 manual shift.. It had been sitting for (at least) a couple of years. Just got it running, but it won't shift through the gears. The display is all messed up, and doesn't show the gears/hours/miles. But the green "neutral"...
  2. 1999 Honda foreman 400 4x4

    Foreman 400
    Hello I’m new to the group. I recently bought a 1999 Honda foreman 400 4x4. It’s smoking a little bit out of the exhaust when I ride it. I was thinking about replacing the top end. I was wondering if I can put a top end from a 450 on it? If I can, can anyone recommend where to buy the parts? I...