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  1. Foreman 400
    Hey everyone, new to this forum. My Honda will not start with the push button start. Cross the solenoid or pull start it will work. No lights or nothing will come on before you start it. Here is the kicker though. If you start it and push the push button you will hear the starter turn over...
  2. Foreman 400
    I have a 1995 Honda Foreman 400. The voltage regulator went out on it. Ended up heating up so much it started smoking and fried it. Also fried the connector going into the regulator. So I ordered a new one from Parts Giant, its a Moose regulator/rectifier. The picture showed the regulator...
  3. Foreman 400
    Can foreman 450 fenders for a 400 ? I’m sick of of my feet getting pinned between my tire and foot racks I literally just broke my left foot because of this
  4. Foreman 400
    New to maintenance on my recently purchased 98 Honda Foreman 400 S. Need help tightening the hand parking brake cable line and rear foot peddle brakes as they don’t really work and can’t even hold the quad when parked on a slight incline. If anyone could break down a step by step on how to or...
  5. Foreman 400
    (back story) I've recently picked up what appeared to be a nice foreman 400 to pick up a new hobby. It hasn't given too many problems until now. Ended up taking on some "pull your boot off mud" and had to be winched out. While hooking up the winch, the foreman stalled and refused to turn over...
  6. Foreman 400
    Hello I’m new to the group. I recently bought a 1999 Honda foreman 400 4x4. It’s smoking a little bit out of the exhaust when I ride it. I was thinking about replacing the top end. I was wondering if I can put a top end from a 450 on it? If I can, can anyone recommend where to buy the parts? I...
1-6 of 6 Results