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  1. Foreman 500
    I have a 2018 Rubicon 500 that was swapped from DCT to a footshift motor after having a huge mechanical failure with the gears. Power steering isn't working, 4x4 does work but the 4x4, diff and check engine lights flash in a sequence that looks like 1 long flash followed by 1 short flash. Power...
  2. Foreman 500
    I have a 2009 Forman trx 500fm and I was wondering what is the best exhaust and jet kit combo to use. I want power and I want er to sound good but not overly loud
  3. Foreman 500
    I need help I have no clue on how to take off old tps sensor and put new one on. there’s no screw so I can’t unscrew it so does anyone know on how to take it off. “Update I just took a dremel to it with a cutting blade and cut a notch in it and took a flathead screwdriver and unscrewed them”
  4. Foreman 500
    So normally , like all my other foot shifts , when u lift up on the shifter while in gear, its "Like neutral " . Then let down in normal position and it's in gear again . Almost like a clutch effect .. what would cause that in between neutral to disappear .? Its direct now atm ...
  5. Foreman 500
    Hey y’all I’m having a problem figuring out an issue with my 2005 Honda foreman 500 fm. I’ve started hearing a rattle/chatter noise coming from the bottom front of the engine. I’ve had the front cover of the bike off while having it stand on its back rack end and checked the timing chain and...
  6. Foreman 500
    Lleve a un taller y ahora no funciona los cambios electrónicos de mi cuatrimoto y tampoco hace los cambios en automático
  7. Foreman 500
    Hello all, my foreman 500 es won’t shift. The gear position on dash blinks 5x. The manual shifter works. I have a new angle sensor but after putting in the problem persists. Can anyone clarify how to properly clock the sensor and reset bike. Also please if you’ve had this problem feel free to...
  8. Foreman 500
    I’m new here but seem like a pretty good place I have a 2012 foreman with 29,872 miles and I just went to clean the air box and pretty fair amount of oil in there you recon it’s blow by from crank case. I’ve never touched the motor except adjust valves at 22,000 miles. Tia
  9. Rubicon 500
    I broke both back axles on my 500 and I have tried everything to get them out even took it to a shop and they couldn’t get out at this point I have gave up and want to buy a new differential and put in there but I can’t seem to find one for irs only thing that comes up is a straight axle...
1-9 of 9 Results