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  1. Rubicon 500
    2008 Rubicon all original. Brake system worked as new until I replaced front wheel bearings. Now the brakes are spongy. I have flushed and bled the system. Ordered OEM bearings. Pressed out old and pressed in new. Suggestions?
  2. Foreman 400
    New to maintenance on my recently purchased 98 Honda Foreman 400 S. Need help tightening the hand parking brake cable line and rear foot peddle brakes as they don’t really work and can’t even hold the quad when parked on a slight incline. If anyone could break down a step by step on how to or...
  3. Foreman 400
    Hi , I hope someone can help . I can’t find anything In the existing threads. I have an 01 Foreman . The front brake leaver is stuck in an open or relaxed position. I can’t squeeze the handle at all . While getting some parts at the dealership I asked the service desk if I need to bleed the...
1-3 of 3 Results