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  1. Vintage Honda
    So I was out riding my 1994 Fourtrax 300 and started to go down a hill in 2nd gear. I noticed that the engine braking wasn’t working and was rolling down the hill as if it was in neutral and making a crazy noise from the crankcase. I went down the hill twice more and the engine braking worked...
  2. Vintage Honda
    When I bought the bike it had no spark. Previous owner said he replaced the stator and still got no spark out of it. I have replaced all electrical components from the ignition, coil, spark plug, pulse unit, CDI box, alarm box, oil sending unit, wiring harness, starter, battery, carburetor...
  3. New Member Intros
    Recently purchased Honda 300, and decided to change oil. Now after riding for about 5 mins or so, oil temp light comes on. Changed sensor and it’s still doing it. This model has no fan. Also checked continuity on wire attached to sensor all good there. please help
1-3 of 3 Results