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  1. D1,d2,esp flashing/stuck in 2nd gear

    Rubicon 500
    Hi I'm new to the forums, I have a 2001 honda Rubicon foreman 500, with the good ole hondamatic. I'm having the issue of esp, d1, and d2 flashing, and it seems like it is stuck in second gear. It will go in to reverse, hi, low, netural, it will also start and run like normal, it just will not...
  2. Bike wont start after wash

    Foreman 500
    I have a 2019 honda foreman. Took it in deep water the other day and ran great, shut it off for a few minutes and the bike wouldnt start back up. Let it dry for 25-30min and it started up and ran fine. Spark plug boot is sealed with dialectric along with all the other connectors so i thought...
  3. 2018 foreman 4x4 won’t disengage

    Foreman 500
    Help!! I have a 2018 foreman 500 that is now stuck in 4x4 and diff lock. Will not come out for anything. Won’t make any noise to even try to disengage. Have checked all the plugs for 4x4 and relays. There all good. Ordered a new diff switch and hopefully that’s solves problem but if not does...