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  1. Foreman 500
    I am looking at getting arched a arms but it seems like my 2007 honda Forman 500 is too old to have highlifter supply them, is there a chance that the highlifter a arms for a 2014+ honda would fit them or should I look deeper into custom ones? Thanks
  2. Foreman 500
    My 2014 Honda foreman 500 wouldn’t crank when I bought it. (Used) so I took the battery off and cleaned posts and then it cranked right up. No problem for 2 or so months. Now all of a sudden you can ride and out of nowhere it dies when you ride. Won’t crank back up. I can get jumped off but dies...
  3. Foreman 500
    Hello, Just recently bought a 2011 Honda Foreman 500 4x4. The guy told me he recently did a EPI clutch install and that when going down a hill sometimes, the engine would feel like it was going into neutral and losing tension. His solution was to pump the gas and it the tension would come back...
  4. Foreman 500
    I've narrowed the problem on my foreman 500 down to the first gear is going,clunks and pops while driving but is fine 2nd and up. Gonna replace the gear,can it hurt it to drive it with just 2nd? heard on here 1st is really only needed for towing.Anyone have a link to where I can get the gear...
  5. Foreman 500
    I I have searched far and wide for a full kit for my foreman 500 2012. I can find older ones and newer models but not one for mine grrr. Can you please help me?
  6. Foreman 500
    I have a 2019 honda foreman. Took it in deep water the other day and ran great, shut it off for a few minutes and the bike wouldnt start back up. Let it dry for 25-30min and it started up and ran fine. Spark plug boot is sealed with dialectric along with all the other connectors so i thought...
  7. Foreman 500
    Help!! I have a 2018 foreman 500 that is now stuck in 4x4 and diff lock. Will not come out for anything. Won’t make any noise to even try to disengage. Have checked all the plugs for 4x4 and relays. There all good. Ordered a new diff switch and hopefully that’s solves problem but if not does...
1-7 of 7 Results