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  1. Rubicon 500
    I cracked my rear differential housing right in half and i cant afford a brand new one or even a used one. I tried JB Clear weld and it worked for like a week because it was getting so hot that the oil would drain everytime i put some in, which was evey time i had to go somewhere. This morning i...
  2. Rubicon 500
    I just bought a 02 Honda foreman rubicon and the bike worked great until it didn’t. It won’t start now. It has no spark and the gear selection doesn’t show on the dash and the oil temp light is on. If someone can point me into what direction to fix it, it would be appreciated
  3. Foreman 500
    Hey guys I have an 2016 honda foreman rubicon 500 electronic shift and I use it to plow snow of my drive way,when it get warm it wont show me the gear im in or shift.I close the key and restarte it then its back to normal and then it does the same thing again ! I changed the angle sensor for the...
  4. Rubicon 500
    I have a 2005 trx500 foreman rubicon and it will not move when put in any gears while running. So far I’ve gotten the oil tank and the clutch casing off and waiting for a clutch puller to come. But by the look of it from peeking though gaps the oil pump chain looks like it is still on which was...
  5. Rubicon 500
    My ATV is 2004 Honda Rubicon 500, I've currently taken off the my crank case motor. I am replacing the worn oil pump chain that jumped track. My question may be simple to someone.with the cover removed the little gear that the power shifter spins is exposed. So while I have it off my brother on...
  6. Rubicon 500
    I have a 2004 foreman rubicon 500 with gps I just bought it the other night everything was working on it with out issue and I pulled it on my trailer and got it home (2 hour drive with interstate and bumpy backroads) when I pulled it off the trailer I had no lights or display but I had the...
1-6 of 6 Results