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  1. Foreman 500
    Hi have a a 2012 Foreman 500 es. About 2 weeks ago I was riding and my lugs broke off. The four wheeler set for 2 weeks before I got the news lugs on. Took it for a ride around the block and it died. I was able to get it back to my yard but now it only turns over no start. I changed oil and...
  2. Foreman 500
    Hi, My 2016 Foreman 500 FM6 refused to start on me after a ride one day and ever since then it’s been giving me problems, sometimes if I stop the engine it won’t start again and recently it’s actually been stopping the engine whilst running, it’s strange that it only does it sometimes! Does...
  3. Foreman 500
    hey people, im new to this game. Got an 05 foreman 500es, and I'm not getting any power to coil, im just about tired of it, I've rebuild the top end 2 times already. Long story. But I'm running on a tight budget, and im a car guy. I need help.
  4. Foreman 500
    I am at the end of my wits with this piece of junk. I bought this machine brand new in 2009 with the vision of bulletproof, reliable “HONDA” illusion dancing in my head. It’s been pretty much anything but that in its life- from constant electrical and sensor issues (throttle position sensor...
  5. Foreman 500
    Hello all, my foreman 500 es won’t shift. The gear position on dash blinks 5x. The manual shifter works. I have a new angle sensor but after putting in the problem persists. Can anyone clarify how to properly clock the sensor and reset bike. Also please if you’ve had this problem feel free to...
  6. Foreman 500
    I have a 2007 Honda foreman 500 with the camo but it started rubbing off and I don’t know if you guys know how to remove. I only have some spots here and there but it would look cleaner with out them. Thanks
  7. Foreman 500
    I bought a 2021 foreman 4x4 and snorkeled it, etc. It’s a great mud bike. I took it through a friends pond and quickly realized I was in deeper than I thought. I sunk it in about 8 feet of water. The pond was a hard bottom, no mud, no sand, so I don’t think anything too bad happened to the...
  8. Foreman 500
    Hello friends, New owner of my first ever ATV here. ‘05 Foreman 500 No display, no start. Have read threads on here for hours and tried plenty things. Here’s where I’m at: battery is tired. Have done all my with a DeWalt mobile jump box hooked up to battery terminals. I probed to show power...
  9. Foreman 500
    OK, Foreman Guru's I am working on a 2014 Honda Foreman 500 EFI electric shift for one of my buddys and while I am very familiar with working on ATVs, SidexSides and boat engines this one is giving me ****. The bike is completely stock, He is telling me that it ran fine when he parked it last...
  10. Foreman 500
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2014 Foreman 500 ES not shifting. Pulled the front crankcase off identified that there was a broken shift pin between the crankcase and shift linkage replaced shift pin put back together shifted a few times then got stuck in gear. Pulled the case back off...
  11. Foreman 500
    i have a 2005 honda foreman 500 es 4x4 and was wondering what years/style of motors i could swap in as ive got it to its last leg at this point 😂
1-11 of 11 Results