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  1. Foreman 450
    I have a 98 foreman es that has been great until now. We put a new battery in it 2 weeks ago and now when you turn the key to the on position the display doesn't turns on. However when I connect a charger it powers up the display and starts right up. As soon as I disconnect the charger and turn...
  2. Foreman 450
    I bought a used foreman a couple weeks ago, pretty much everything mechanical is in working condition, but I knew ahead of time that the electric shift didn't work. Luckily the previous owner has attached (welded, unfortunately) a foot shifter to the shift tool rod. So it rides and shifts fine...
  3. Foreman 450
    so back in last november or so i bought a what was claimed to be a 2000 450. clapped got it for 1k and needed a lot of work. i figured itd be a fun project regrets front diff was bone dry, and axles were snapped. has 1st gen front diff but has selectable 2x4 4x4 switch on throttle. cable leads...
  4. Foreman 450
    Last year my float was stuck open so my wheeler was dumping gas. This year it started to dump gas again so I assumed it was the same thing, but when I removed the carb to clean it again I realized that it was just a few cracked lines. I put new lines on the carb and now when I fire it up it just...
  5. Foreman 450
    Four wheeler set for a while replaced the carb got it running but the electric shift doesn’t work at all
  6. Foreman 450
    Recently helped my stepbrother get an old (late 90's?Honda Foreman 450 manual shift.. It had been sitting for (at least) a couple of years. Just got it running, but it won't shift through the gears. The display is all messed up, and doesn't show the gears/hours/miles. But the green "neutral"...
1-6 of 6 Results