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  1. 99 Foreman 400 4x4 no spark.

    Foreman 400
    (back story) I've recently picked up what appeared to be a nice foreman 400 to pick up a new hobby. It hasn't given too many problems until now. Ended up taking on some "pull your boot off mud" and had to be winched out. While hooking up the winch, the foreman stalled and refused to turn over...
  2. Runs great until you put it in gear

    Foreman 400
    okay I have a 1997 honda foreman 400 4x4 had it for a few months never had a problem until I blew rear diff out replaced that. Took it out in the mud a few times now I got a new problem. Will start and idle fine even rev up in neutral but minute I put it in gear and try to give it throttle it...