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  1. Engine feels like it goes to Neutral when letting off gas

    Foreman 500
    Hello, Just recently bought a 2011 Honda Foreman 500 4x4. The guy told me he recently did a EPI clutch install and that when going down a hill sometimes, the engine would feel like it was going into neutral and losing tension. His solution was to pump the gas and it the tension would come back...
  2. 450es Engine Swap problem

    Foreman 450
    Hello all, I bought an year 2000 Foreman 450es for cheap, because of a blown engine. I bought another 450es (was told from an year 2001) engine that was from a wrecked unit. Also, I'm not a full mechanic, more of a fix-anything monkey, so, I apologize if this topic is seemingly stupid... My...
  3. Name that noise! Valve adjust?

    Foreman 450
    Hey atv techs! Just replaced the head on my trx450es, which came refurbished new valves, springs, etc and supposedly adjusted. Motor seems to run great, except for this loud ticking. Should I be checking valve clearance first, or does this sound like something else? Link: Engine tick