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  1. Foreman 500
    I have looked everywhere and cannot seem to find a kit that I can use to convert the rear brakes on 2015 to disc. Everything is for earlier than that. The SuperATV kit is too long for the axle and they do not make one for a 2015. Any help would be appreciated as it seems wild to have to buy a...
  2. Rubicon 500
    2008 Rubicon all original. Brake system worked as new until I replaced front wheel bearings. Now the brakes are spongy. I have flushed and bled the system. Ordered OEM bearings. Pressed out old and pressed in new. Suggestions?
  3. Foreman 450
    I believe I have a superatv version of disc brake kit, whoever did the install didn’t reroute the brake lines so they were sitting on the steering joint and kinking when turning. I also wanted to clean up the parts so I disconnected the brake line which was a big mistake. The banjo bolt had some...
1-3 of 3 Results