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  1. Foreman 500
    Last weekend I was riding and my quad randomly quit. It kept cranking and cranking but no start. I remembered a video on YouTube were they start old humvees by plugging the exaust. Sure enough it worked and it started but its boggy and likes to quit when at idle. The oil seemed slightly runny so...
  2. Foreman 500
    OK, Foreman Guru's I am working on a 2014 Honda Foreman 500 EFI electric shift for one of my buddys and while I am very familiar with working on ATVs, SidexSides and boat engines this one is giving me ****. The bike is completely stock, He is telling me that it ran fine when he parked it last...
  3. Foreman 400
    okay I have a 1997 honda foreman 400 4x4 had it for a few months never had a problem until I blew rear diff out replaced that. Took it out in the mud a few times now I got a new problem. Will start and idle fine even rev up in neutral but minute I put it in gear and try to give it throttle it...
1-3 of 3 Results