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  1. Foreman 500
    Hey everyone. I'm new here. My wifes 2017 honda foreman 500 had an 02 sensor code. I put in a new sensor and the light went away. Cranks up great but when you start getting into 38 mph to 42 mph the motor boggs down, loses about 5 mph then backfires. It runs rough for a second then starts riding...
  2. Foreman 450
    My 98 Foreman ES has worked great for the 4-5 years I have had it. About 2 months ago I did a full service of filter, oil, plug and such and it was starting and working better than ever. (before this in cold temps it was bit prone to die until it warmed up) A few days ago for 2 days in a row it...
  3. Honda Recon
    So I have a 2002 trx 450es that was given to me. The last person to ride it told me that it was backfiring a lot on decel and then it died and would not crank anymore. So I've checked for spark with a brand new ngk plug and it did have a bright blue spark against the frame. I've checked all the...
1-3 of 3 Results