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86-9 350d

  1. Trying to verify if fuel gauge works on my 1987 350D

    Hello. New to the forum. My fuel gauge isn’t illuminating and I’m trying to find out how to test it. I’m not sure if it’s the sending unit in the tank and/or the gauge that’s not working. I was wondering if there’s any way to directly hook the gauge up to a battery to test. There’s 3 wires...
  2. Looking to buy a 1986-1989 Honda 350D rear differential close to Mississippi or someone that can ship and be legit

    Vintage Honda
    Looking for a GOOD Honda 1986-1989 350D rear differential. Im converting my 1994 honda 300 foreman 4×4 over. I would like it to be close to Mississippi so I could come and look at it preferably within a 100 miles but I will consider buying online and having it shipped to me but it has to be 100%...