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  1. Rubicon 500
    I cracked my rear differential housing right in half and i cant afford a brand new one or even a used one. I tried JB Clear weld and it worked for like a week because it was getting so hot that the oil would drain everytime i put some in, which was evey time i had to go somewhere. This morning i...
  2. Foreman 450
    Has anyone found a way to make a 500 lock in and out of 4wd? I know they have the wide open kit but everywhere I’ve looked says they are out of stock.
  3. Foreman 500
    Hey everyone. First post on anything other than FB so I hope I’m following protocol. I have an ‘05 Foreman S that sat for 6-7 years. Bought it from a kid that sunk it. Installed new carb and cylinder and piston. New battery too. Fired it up and it ran fine for a few minutes. Acted like it wanted...
  4. Foreman 500
    i have a 2006 Honda foreman 500 electric shift and am having some trouble with it getting stuck in gear. Sometimes it will be perfectly fine and i can ride as hard and long as i want with it and it will be fine but sometimes it will randomly get stuck in any gear. When this happens the gear...
  5. Foreman 500
    I've narrowed the problem on my foreman 500 down to the first gear is going,clunks and pops while driving but is fine 2nd and up. Gonna replace the gear,can it hurt it to drive it with just 2nd? heard on here 1st is really only needed for towing.Anyone have a link to where I can get the gear...
  6. Foreman 500
    Hey guys so i picked up a bike and the start button does not engage at all. No click or anything.... i can cross the solenoid and get it to start fine so i wasn’t sure what the issue was. I replaced the battery, starter, put a brand new solenoid in and even took apart the bar controls to blow...
1-6 of 6 Results