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  1. 2015 power issues

    Foreman 500
    I was putting a new battery in my 500 and as soon as I had both terminals connected, the fan powered on. The motor had not been running so it was not hot. The key was turned off, so there shouldn’t be any power getting through to the fan, yet the fan came on. When I turned on the key, nothing...
  2. 2017 foreman speedometer and 4x4 not working

    Foreman 500
    Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I have a 2017 Honda foreman 500 Trx500fm1. The bike just recently started acting up. When you start the bike the 4x4 will work perfectly fine even while riding around slow, no check engine lights or the every notorious flashing 4x4 light. But when getting up a...
  3. 4x4 issues!

    Foreman 500
    Hi guys, new here and just brought my first Honda foreman 500 a few weeks ago. It’s a 2015 and been working fine until now. Today I have needed to use the 4x4 and it won’t do anything! No light on the dash no noise like you get when it clicks in nothing. Just wondering where I should start? My...
  4. Front drive shaft issues

    Foreman 450
    Just got a uused 2001Foreman 450 ES did some work got it running took it out for the first time and noticed that the front wheels weren't turning. Jacked it up and put it in first ran it and the shaft is turning out of the motor but not spinning the shaft. Before I dive into it was just...
  5. 2018 foreman 4x4 won’t disengage

    Foreman 500
    Help!! I have a 2018 foreman 500 that is now stuck in 4x4 and diff lock. Will not come out for anything. Won’t make any noise to even try to disengage. Have checked all the plugs for 4x4 and relays. There all good. Ordered a new diff switch and hopefully that’s solves problem but if not does...