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  1. Foreman 450
    2003 foreman 450S I am following the service manual for my bike to fix the fan issues I am having. So both fan modules and CDI are faulty… the manual calls the CDI a “meter speed sensor”. What does this module actually control? Everything on the bike works other then the fan ATM
  2. Foreman 450
    Hey guys was wondering when people say that the chain tensioners should be spring loaded does this mean it should move up and down when the screw on top is fully in or? My chain seems to tight but not really sure how tight it should be. thanks in advance
  3. Foreman 450
    I'm having issues tracking down why I'm not getting any spark. It sat out in the elements for a while so mostly all wire connectors are corroded. Is there anything that likes to fail on these things? Something that would cause no spark?
  4. Foreman 450
    Hello everyone, first post here. I got this old beat up foreman 450s from some guy of craiglist, and I just can't get a spark out of it. Mind you it hasn't run in a few years, and there was a little water in the crank case. Turns over just fine, starter works, speedometer is shot. Do these...
1-4 of 4 Results