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Foreman 500FM
Camo ish
I just bought it in May of 2018. It was missing a lot of the plastics on the front half. Luckily I had one at home same make, model and color that I used to reassemble it. The engine is in great shape. The oil looks really good in it. It pulled pretty hard when I got it. One of the tie rods was broken in half and welded so I pulled one off my bike and put on it. The left axle was broken at the differential so I replaced it and got the 4x4 working. The rear wheel bearing in the brake drum was bad so I swapped my brake drum over onto it. Both front wheel bearings were bad so I put my hubs on it. The head unit was missing so I put mine on it. It came with some 27s on 14inch wheels. Finally a plus. After a few rides I snorkeled it. The front differential started locking up and was full of metal shavings so I put mine over on it. No issues for awhile but I was in the infamous twin ponds at Red Creek Offroad last weekend and heard a loud pop in the front. The 4x4 continues to work so hopefully I can resolve it. I haven't checked it out yet.
2007 Honda Foreman 500FM (Camo ish)


Jet kit
Custom built 1.5 inch snorkel. Rear rack seat.
Wheel and Tire
SS 212 Chrome/Black 14"
27 non-aggressive


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