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stick with at least 6 ply tires, they will be way better at NOT getting you any flats
lighter tires might NOT be 6 ply, but many are
so at least try and stick to brand names and good 6 ply tires
the 489's have been a round a LONG time and a decent tire
Bearclaws bighorns, also decent tires!

and yes there is SURE a lot of different types and brands of tires, way more than I think we need, but also keep in mind when buying tires, price alone is not how to shop, cheap tires many times do NOT last as long, so your not really saving
this tends to be the name of the game in KNOCK OFF of popular branded tires, or clones of the REAL one's
they might LOOK The same, but seldom to they perform the same or last as long, the compound and construction of the tire makes a difference and better built tires tend to cost more,
one way to look at tires is costs per yr, over just price up front
saving a 100 bucks to get 1/3 less life or more, maybe worth ti to some, but NOT to others, as is durability of cheaper tire to a brand name one
as getting a flat in middle of now where is, more of a hassle to some than saving a few bucks,as down time can be wasted $$ and or more dangerous pending where
and this is also why there are so many tires options, and prices to them!
to help maybe make life easier, about ANY brand name 6 ply tire wil be better than the STOCK OEM tires, so, of OEM lasted this long, new brand names will last longer for you and be an up grade!
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