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Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
Thank You for Your comment.

Are You sure about the relationship tire weight and suspension? I think that You are wrong. Suspension doesn't matter on tire weight. Tires are on the ground/Earth. So, suspension suspense ATV - "weight in motion" is ATV itself (with me) and not tires. (sorry, I don't know have write it in English. I hope You understand what I mean.)
And I think it's exactly the opposite - taller (not heavier) tire mean more rubber/taller sidewall which help suspension.

Regarding ground clearance - I read that stock tires are smaller then 25" - about 24,5" and Carlisle declare that A.C.T 26" have about 26,5". So, I will get about 1" better ground clearance.

And regarding of 26x9 and 26x11 dimension - that tires are wider = heavier ;-) what I don't want.

OK, I will look at lightest radial 25x8 and 25x10 tires.
well YES I am 100% positive that taller heavier tires will effect handling of atv, and will cause some added stress to all drive train parts and SUSPENSION
I have raced enough thing to know this stuff on more than a average persons understanding!
the name of the game to MOST folks that add taller heavier tires is , they like the looks and the GAINS in traction MORE then they care about the loss of some handling and or power(well till power get too much of a loss then they need to spend more money TRYING to get it back LOL)
some folks can live with more power loss and lesser handling than others , its sort of a personal choice and WHERE and HOW you use the atv

NOW can taller tires HELP with ride having more sidewall to help work like a shock
YES,and NO< as most need better side wall control, making many stiffer to hold things in place, thus, not giving you more roll in corners and other ways
so, most times any gains here would NOT be noticed!
HOW Much air you run in tires can help control things, on ANY sized tire, to a POINT, some of the VERY tall heavy duty tires can run on NO air, and still be rather stiff!
so there is NO one THINK that works on ALL tires!

NOW as for HOW tall a OEM tire is, well, word of advice here, ALL tires tend to NOT measure to what the OEM says they do, countless OEM's all LIE about there TRUE tire sizes, if you THINK your getting a 26 inch tall tire, you might find out your NOT< it maybe taller OR shorter, this is WAY too common on ATV tires, IMO< due to they don't have to meet any real DOT like regulation, so they just don't care!, NO one is holding them to the size on the side wall, so they all tend to have cheat one way or another, and even the same OEM will have different sizes in height of there tires from model to model of tire,
AIR pressure and wheel width can effect HOW tall a tire measures too!

the general rule of thumb I think most folks go by is, going UP or down 1 inch, is something you do NOT notice very much, after THIS, IMO< it comes down more to HOW you use the atv, if you work it hard, pull heavy, go up and down steep hills, plow snow you will notice FASTER power loss going taller, and again, comes back to HOW Much HP are you willing to loose to have tires of "X" size!

some folks like looks better than performance!
as NO one I know of has ever , EVER said a HONDA atv has too much HP from day one in stock trim, so, loosing any HP?? your already going down hill ,HAHA!
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