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just to let you know, the tires will ALL fit on your stock wheels, its ONLY a recommendation to use a 7 wide wheel, NOT required, so you can use the 26x9 and 26x11 just fine on stock wheels
the 1/2 inch in wheel difference will NOT be a factor , tire MIGHT sit a tad narrower or a hair taller, but will be such a small difference you will not notice it at all!

so this opens up a lot more tire brands to you!

any of the tires you listed will decent tires for your needs

BUT I will add this
if ride quality is a HUGE factor to you, going to a TALLER heavier tire will effect ride quality SOME/SLIGHTLY, as your asking the bikes suspension to handle more weight in motion
will it be enough to bother you, most likely NO< but just letting you know this ahead of time
is the added 1/2 inch of ground clearance worth the added costs of a slight taller tire(taller tires tend to just cost more money than smaller one's) this is your call

STOCK OEM tires, tend to normally be CHEAP tires on very low ply, to offer a very smooth ride and allow the bike to have the most power it can
when you go to better tires, and taller heavier tires, you can effect again ride quality and power of the atv's motor, due to taller tires alter gearing on atv!
MOST prefer BETTER tires, for the gains they offer and don't mind the CON"S I just mentioned
but call this just information to think about and not meant to deter you from buying a better than stock tire
, its just info so you know what you will end up with!
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