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Thanks toodeep! Just what I was looking for. Great photo! So to back up a bit, prior to posting here on the forum, I did look at that hole where the bolt in your photo shows to go through. However, I found that the hole was not threaded and there was not a nut welded to the frame on the back side of where the bolt hole opening is (basically nothing to screw the bolt into). So, i just assumed that the bolt did belong there. Now thanks to your photo, I took another closer look tonight and confirmed what I found previously. I also found that there is a metal tang that is part of the frame just to the left side of that bolt hole opening that appeared to be bent and slightly rusting at the tip of it.

So, here's what i'm thinking happened...

Due to this metal tang on the left side being slightly tweaked, it kept the robot or whatever from being able to weld a nut to the back side of the hole where the bolt should go through. As the Foreman made its way down Honda's assembly line, eventually reaching the worker responsible for hanging the tank or wiring in that area, the worker was like "WTF??" "There's no way to screw the bolt in", so he just said "Fudge It" and left the cable dangling with the bolt inserted through the bottom loop of the cable. What's interesting though is that it made its way to final assembly and never got caught (or was completely ignored) without being addressed and it stayed that way until I stumbled across it the other day. Pretty crazy if you ask me! So, its all fixed up now though. I simply added a lock washer and nut to the back side of that opening for the bolt and tightened it up. No big deal at all. I just find it pretty comical that I found it the way I did and it was never caught on the assembly line! Below are a couple photos showing that hole with no threads or welded nut and one photo showing it all fixed up. Thanks again for your reply along with the others whom responded! Much appreciated!
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