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2005 500 FGA stalling

I cannot figure out this issue with stalling.
When cold starting today all was well but after a while of idling it stalled. Thought nothing of it and used it for a while but it would not idle. Drained fuel tank and float bowl and added fresh gas c/w spark plug inspection. Started up and idled well so i went for a ride, did not get far and it got boggy. got home and stalled. Decided to rebuild carb as I suspected float bowl level was over filled. Did rebuild and started right up and idled for a while then I went for a ride, same issue started bogging and will not idle.
Seems that when the engine is hot I have issues, cannot figure out the solution.
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Possibly the fuel pump dropping off after it warms up.
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No fuel pump on an 05 Rubicon.

I would check vent line on the gas tank, make sure it's not plugged. If it is, you get a vacuum in the tank and it won't allow gas to flow to the carb. (simple test, if it starts acting up, unscrew your gas tank cap and see if it helps.

I'd also check your petcock and make sure it's not partially clogged, also causing a fuel starvation issue. If you remove the petcock, snap those 8mm bolts loose quickly. They're threaded into plastic nutserts and the nutserts will often spin in the plastic, effectively ruining the tank. I use an impact when I break those petcock bolts loose for that reason.

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Originally Posted by jeepwm69 View Post
No fuel pump on an 05 Rubicon.


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also, if your inside of your fuel tank is dirty, draining and NOT cleaning tank out, cleaning a carb/rebuilding a carb can be a waste of time and that dirt in tank will just go right back into your clean carb and can block things right back up again on you!
trouble shooting problems, means to have to fully eliminate possible problems
yes draining tank helps, but honestly you needed to inspect the inside of the tank after draining to be certain it was clean inside
next, is making sure peacock is clean as well and good flowing out of it!
then over time, ethanol fuel can clog up fuel lines, so, next is making sure fuel lines from tank/peacock, to carb are clean(varnish build up can break off and clog a clean carb too) so, fuel line is cheap, just go new there, THEN clean/rebuild carb
do this in this way and your assured its NOT a fuel relate issue then, other wise, ay any point any up stream things can cause the issue again on you!

also, as jeep stated, maybe your fuel cap/tank vent is bad, and not working properly

when things get hot, vapor lock can happen in a tank that doesn't vent properly, and that will cause poor to NO fuel flow, and thus starve things and shut motor off on you
next time this happens, pay attention and OPEN the fuel cap and listen for the sound of air
if your hearing air rush, your vent is not working
OR< if motor runs when fuel cap is OFF, after it shut off on its own
LASTLY< it is summer time, and motors to run HOT< idling a motor is making more heat than driving atv about, NO air flow to help on cooling, so, could be your oil temp sensor is shutting you down due to oil temps too HIGH, or faulty sensor
OR could be from low oil in motor and getting too hot due to low level on you!
or OLD oil not cooling as it should
Clogged up oil cooler fins, also can play a roll here!

any how some food for though for you! and possible causes/solutions as well

clean oil cooler, check oil, make sure total fuel system is clean and working properly!(also, if you have a inline fuel filter, make sure it too is clean/replaced and installed the right way!
and make sure oil is good and at correct level
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thanks for replys.
I have eliminated the vent hose.
I just removed the carb again and cleaned the complete unit, this time I had the pilot screw tool and replaced it. After installation it idled for 15 min with no issues, after a few short rides all was still well. Cleaned up the shop and went for another short ride and after a few minutes of idling in the shop it stalled again. The vent tube for carb is dripping again after sitting for while.
Bit frustrating at this point. The local Honda dealership stated that the only way to over fill carb is a "leak" past the float bowl shut off valve. Cant help thinking that the two are related, stalling and vent dripping. The inlet screen on the carb is quite fine mesh so its hard to believe debris is getting in.
If the seat is bad for the float bowl then the carb must be replaced as it is pressed in.
Unit is very clean and low miles, never seen more than a mud puttle.

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did you buy a good carb rebuilt kit? if not i recommend buying one. the seat can be polished with a q-tip in a drill with toothpaste to polish it, a good rebuild kit will have a new float seat pin.

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I’ve seen a blockage in the vent passage cause fuel starvation but I’ve also seen a clogged vent let a tank build up enough pressure in the hot sun that it pushed fuel past the float valve. Made a pretty obvious woosh sound when you’d open the cap.

My guess though would be float valve hanging up or leaking. If the taper part of the end of the valve has any ring worn into it, or any other defect...

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OK how about maybe just the inside of your tank is dirty, and after cleaning carb all is well, run a while and then bad, well, if dirty inside tank, , peacock or fuel line from tank to carb, is dirty, a clean carb will NOT stay clean long

Maybe pull tank, make sure clean inside, make sure peacock is working and flowing fine and replace fuel line .filter from tank to carb' and 10% rule out these things, as if you don;t you will never know for sure and could be doing a lot of carb cleaning for nothing!
atv doesn';t have to have been sunk or mud ridden to get dirt over time in a tank
bad fuel can happen from any station and get it in your tank!

that crappy ethanol fuel, coats things with varnish like coating that can flake off at will and mess with a carb! and can coat, tank,s peacocks and fuel lines and carb and its parts!
its NOT easy to remove, and many miss it when cleaning a carb, as its so hard to see at times, and doesn';t come off with just spraying or even soaking in carb cleaner most time, some times takes a lot more work to get it removed, boiling in lemon juice(hard parts only),or an ultra sonic cleaners and so on!
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