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Originally Posted by Bg357 View Post
Sounds like the Rubicon wouldn't be the choice for long-term durability.
I've read some about the electronic shift having problems too, how common is that? Can you shift them manually if the ES fails? Not just to get by, but permanently, as if it were an S model?

Regarding the Rancher, are the S & ES also geared too high for pulling and low speed work?
The 05 and up rubicons have no problems at all with the trannys. Very seldome do you ever see a problem with them. I work the balls off of mine and it runs like the day I bought it.

Yes when buying an ES machine there is a back up foot shifter you can put on it.

If your going to do slow speed working the rancher definitely wouldnt be my first choice, the rubicon would. Its the only one out there with low range and its a beast in that!

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