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Honda Transmissions ??

As I try to get back up to speed on ATVs, after many years out of the loop, I'm suddenly confronted with a confusing array of transmission choices. "Back when", the options were pretty simple, manual w/auto clutch or belt CVT. Then Honda started with the ES, which as I understand is just a manual 5spd, with electronic push-button shifting. Then the Rincon came along with a more automotive style 3spd automatic. Somewhere in-between, the confusion starts with the Rubicon, which I have no idea about, other than it's some kind of "hydromechanical CVT". Then there's ESP, which I think is just an ES with a computerized shift program that makes it operate like an automatic. Now I see that certain years of the Rancher were available with manual shifting, ES, and "Auto". What kind of "auto" that is, I have no idea.

Perhaps someone could inform me on the particulars of the various designs, the pros & cons of each type, and whether any of them have been problematic over the years.

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