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Default Low compression Briggs Horizontal 5hp

Have Basfnb's old troy bilt pony tiller at the house, with a 5HP briggs (guessing late 70's).

Broke a rod, so I ordered a new rod, put it in, and put it back together.

Basfnb stopped by (I was at work) and tried to start it, and said it fired up and ran for a few seconds, then choked down and died when he put a load on it. Wouldn't restart.

I tore it back down, didn't find anything that jumped out at me. It did look like the case gasket had been leaking oil, so might have been low on oil (it sat for a couple days between when I put it back together, and when he cranked it).

Has strong spark. Key on flywheel end of crank is fine. Timing marks on crank gear and cam are correct. Valves open and close smoothly. I lightly scuffed the cylinder (very lightly) with some 1000 grit sandpaper and put some rings in it (standard size).

When I shot some gas into the intake, all it it did was pop a couple of times, both out of exhaust and carb (and I mean pop, like a fart, not really even a backfire). I'm going to pull the head again and make sure the valves are sealing and that they are opening/ closing when they should, but I don't see how they could be off given that the timing marks are all correct.

Soooo, I got a compression gauge and it's at 30lbs. Briggs doesn't list the compression specs for this motor, but I'm thinking that's low.

So at this point, what are my options? What am I missing here?

Briggs makes a .10, .20., and .30 piston and ring set, but from what I've seen you don't bore or even hone these aluminum cylinders.

All of the available aftermarket engines that would go on this tiller do not have the 2nd output for reverse on the tiller, so really want to fix the original engine.
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